Teaching for capacity from the INSIDE OUT!   Get INSPIRED to RE-VISION and RE-VAMP your pedagogy!


“My passionate belief is that we must hold an expansive view of education in order to recognize that building capacity within learners is equally, if not more, important than providing students with content knowledge. The Successful Learner Trait Framework offers teachers an opportunity to cultivate capacity within learners using curriculum content as the context in which to do so – a subtle, yet powerful, shift.”   – Sue Bannister


Workshop #1 – Successful Learner Traits ~ Learning from the Inside Out 

Successful Learner Framework overview

Central Themes

  • Philosophical Underpinnings and Foundations of the Framework – stepping solidly into the 21st Century!
  • Competency-Based Education in current pedagogical practice – making critical shifts;
  • Implementation of the Successful Learner Trait Framework through an appreciative lens.



Workshop #2    Successful Learner Traits ~ Diving Deeper with Next Steps

Central Themes: 

  • Cultivating knowledgeable ownership of learning through the use of formative assessment practices and planning using backward design;
  • Embedding Successful Learner Traits into everyday practice to empower students’ next steps through authentic and insightful self-reflection; 
  • Rethinking our reporting practices in order to communicate student learning … With the learner at the centre.

Inspiration, tools, and practical classroom examples are offered to get you started … The next day!

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