About Successful Learners

The Successful Learner Trait Framework provides educators with a new way of thinking about success for their students!


How does a content-driven curricula undermine a relevant education for students who can already access more current and dynamic information than their teachers can deliver?

Clearly, a new priority for educational curriculum is needed.

Many jurisdictions have recognized this need with the inclusion of competencies within their curricula. However, the willingness to loosen our white-knuckled grip on curriculum content needs to manifest as well. Shifting to this new priority is the next challenge we face in order to bring about real transformation in education.

The Successful Learner Trait Framework provides educators with a new way of thinking about success for their students and prioritizes competency-based education throughout the entire cycle of teaching, assessment and reporting.

This site offers an accessible competency-based framework alongside tools, resources and support to cultivate deep learning, for both English and French learners.

About Sue

“As educators, we need to look as far forward into the future as possible in order to offer an education that is relevant for the learners of today.”  – Sue Bannister

A thinker, do-er, and passionate practicing educator, Sue Bannister inspires teachers to claim their role as leaders in the mechanism of change!

Her own classroom practice reflects a new priority for education: teaching students how to happily and effectively apply themselves in ALL learning contexts.

Sue Bannister holds an MA in Elementary Language Arts and Student Assessment. She is increasingly in demand for her presentations on: Successful Learner Traits: Competencies in the Classroom; and Rethinking Our Reporting Practices. Visit the Successful Learners Workshops page for more information about upcoming presentations.

By using Adaptive Schools strategies, Sue inspires participants to re-visualize and re-prioritize their practice to align with competency based education in ways that are dynamic and practical.

When not teaching or presenting, Sue is usually out connecting with nature either in the mountains or on her sailboat.