Inspiration, tools, and practical classroom examples are offered to get you started … the next day!

Successful Learners Workshops 

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About our Workshops

Sue Bannister has presented to educators all over BC and beyond. With an extensive background in education, assessment & reporting, and in the development of the Successful Learners framework, Sue will lead your group to fresh insights and provide tools and inspiration to get started the …. next day!

Workshop Takeaways

  • A fresh perspective and a clear sense of how to prioritize your practice in order to empower & engage all students.
  • An understanding of how to cultivate compassionate, enthusiastic, deep thinking, and efficacious learners … prepare yourself!
  • Inspiration, tools, and actionable guidance on how to implement the Framework throughout all levels of classroom practice.
  • An understanding of how to engage students in meaningful and authentic self-reflection.
  • Recognition of your role in the mechanism of educational change – leading from your place of grounded experience.

For whole-school, site-based workshops:

  • A clear school-wide vision, common language, and how to launch a connected experience for all learners.

Successful Learner Framework overview

Workshop Themes

  • Competency-Based Education in current pedagogical practice;
  • Implementation of the Successful Learner Trait Framework through an appreciative lens;
  • Cultivating knowledgeable ownership of learning through the use of formative assessment practices;
  • Embedding Successful Learner Traits into everyday practice to empower students’ next steps through authentic and insightful self-reflection;
  • Rethinking our reporting practices in order to communicate student learning … with the learner at the centre.

What Educators are Saying

“The Successful Learner Trait Framework gives teachers and students something tangible and useful to hold onto.”


“One of the most useful workshops I’ve ever experienced!” 

-Grade 3 teacher

“I have been using The Traits with my students for two years, they are so positive to use and they promote a growth mindset for my students on a whole new level!”

-Grade 6 teacher

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