Seeking a dynamic, new approach to how we view and support student success? Book Sue Bannister for your next education-based conference.

Sue has experience addressing the academic sector on Rethinking our Assessment and Reporting Practices as well as the use of Successful Learner Traits in classrooms around BC and beyond.

If you’re seeking a dynamic, new approach to viewing and supporting student success, connect with us to Book Sue and explore possibilities for your upcoming educational-based conference today.

Learn more about how Successful Learners came to be, and delve into the Framework, Big Ideas, and eight traits that are critical empowered learning. Find out how to implement the Successful Learners Framework into the classroom and gain insight into reporting and assessment tools that will help you answer the questions of:

  • what are your students here to learn
  • why is this important
  • how can they successfully apply themselves?

Feedback on Implementation

Feedback from teachers who have implemented the Successful Learners Framework in their classroom report on the following key improvements:

  • understanding of compassion
  • ability to self-assess
  • reflection
  • engagement
  • positive mindsets
  • ownership of learning

Sue will help you offer clarity to students about the ‘What’, ‘Why’, and ‘How’ of learning for optimal success in the classroom.