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Learn about the history and impact of Successful Learners, delve into the Framework, Big Ideas and Traits and learn how to implement this new way of learning into your classroom!


“My passionate belief is that we must hold an expansive view of education in order to recognize that building capacity within learners is equally, if not more, important than providing students with content knowledge. The Successful Learner Trait Framework offers teachers an opportunity to cultivate capacity within learners using curriculum content as the context in which to do so – a subtle, yet powerful, shift.”
– Sue Bannister

Sue Bannister is an experienced educator who has served in multiple contexts both within and beyond British Columbia. The Successful Learner Trait Framework was created as a part of Sue’s Master of Arts work in Elementary Language Arts and Student Assessment under the mentorship of Dr. Terry Johnson. The Framework is founded on a broad base of research, aligned with BC’s Core Competencies, and is now used in many school districts across BC and beyond.

Sue’s positive and forward-looking vision is grounded within practices that have been proven and are highly effective for teachers and accessible to students. Sue works with teachers and those in the education sector to educate on the Successful Learner Trait objective: to provide a new way of thinking about supporting student success by prioritizing competency-based education through teaching, assessment and reporting.


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