Hearts, Minds, Hands: Prioritizing what Counts

Never before has it been so critical to prioritize the well-being of our students and ourselves. Prioritizing is a courageous act. Rather than giving way to the pressure of ‘covering curricula’ we put students first by mindfully focussing on the actual needs before us. In this way we can align our teaching practices and curricula in order to best support self-regulation, compassion, and dynamic learning. This workshop supports teachers in streamlining and simplifying a classroom practice that emphasizes teaching to the Hearts, Minds, and Hands of our learners through the use of the Successful Learner Traits framework.

This workshop is for teachers who are:

  • building learning cultures that cultivate ownership of learning, critical thinking, creativity, and positive growth mindsets;
  • working in complex, diverse, and challenging classrooms;
  • seeking a means to a calmer environment that supports students’ building self-regulation, compassion, and confidence.

Workshop Outcomes

  • An understanding of the Successful Learner Trait framework and how to embed it within all learning contexts (social-emotional-cognitive- academic);
  • How to build learning environments and timetables that dynamically support self regulation and compassionate learning cultures;
  • A clearly focussed and streamlined teaching practice that makes explicit for students the ‘what’, ’why’, and ‘how’ of learning based upon the priority of needs;
  • How to create Coherency-within-Practice to ensure the clear connections between learning priorities and our teaching practice;
  • Increased learner independence, engagement, and well-being.

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